The Art of Image Upscaling: vs Photoshop Lightroom

The Art of Image Upscaling: vs Photoshop Lightroom
Learn which image upscaler is better and decide for yourself.

What is Image Upscaling?

Image upscaling is the process of increasing an image's size by altering its Width and Height values. When smaller images are enlarged, their quality often suffers, resulting in blurry pictures that lack the clarity and detail of the original version.

Why Upscale Images?

  1. Improved Recognition Blurry, low-quality photos are difficult to understand. Upscaling images without compromising their quality is crucial for easy recognition.
  2. Enhanced Appeal Poor quality images can give an unprofessional impression. Prioritizing high-quality images on your websites shows that you care about your business and customers.
  3. Increased Attention High-quality, easily digestible images on your online platforms can attract customers and potentially boost sales. Remember, internet users tend to dislike long text blocks and poor-quality images.

For designers and photographers who need to upscale images without quality loss, we'll compare two options: Photoshop and image upscaler. By examining their key features and conversion processes, you can determine which tool best suits your needs.

Tips for Better Upscaling Results

  1. Start with the highest quality original image possible.
  2. Avoid multiple rounds of upscaling; scale to your target size in one step if possible.
  3. Experiment with different tools and settings to find what works best for your specific image.
  4. Use noise reduction techniques before upscaling to minimize the amplification of image noise.
  5. Apply sharpening after upscaling to enhance edge definition, but be careful not to overdo it.

Upscaling with Image Upscaler

Overview of is a cutting-edge AI-powered online tool for image upscaling. This web-based application uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to enhance and enlarge images while maintaining quality.

How to Upscale Images with

Step 1: Visit the website

Go to in your preferred browser.

Step 2: Upload an image

Drag and drop or select an image (PNG or JPEG) for upscaling. homepage

Step 3: Select scale factor and begin the process

Select how much you want to upscale your image and click "Upscale Image" to initiate the upscaling process, which typically takes just seconds. image upscaling factors

Step 4: Download upscaled image

Once complete, download your enhanced photo to your device.

Upscaled Image Result - image upscaler result page

Pros and Cons of Using


  • Free to use and download
  • No account creation required
  • Fast processing
  • No watermarks on downloaded images


  • Requires internet connection
  • Limited to online use

Upscaling with Photoshop Lightroom

Overview of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a versatile editing program used for photo manipulation, graphic design, and animation. It can also serve as a photo enlarger.

How to Upscale Images in Photoshop Lightroom

  1. Open a raw image, TIFF or JPEG in Loupe view.
  2. Select Photo > Enhance in the menu bar (or, Control-click on a Mac/right-click in Windows on the image and click on Enhance.
  3. Select Super Resolution from the Enhance box. Preview the image prior to enhancement with click-and-hold, Or, click-and drag across the preview to view areas of the enhanced version.
  4. To create an enhanced DNG version of your image, click Enhance.

Pros and Cons of Using Photoshop Lightroom


  • Complete control over the upscaling process
  • Extensive features and tools
  • No internet connection required


  • Paid software
  • Steeper learning curve for beginners

Which Tool Should You Choose?

Choose Photoshop if:

  1. You want full control over the editing process
  2. You need a wide range of photo editing options
  3. You prefer working with layers

Choose if:

  1. You want a user-friendly photo enlarger
  2. You need a free, easily accessible AI upscaler
  3. You prefer not to create online accounts
  4. You need to upscale images quickly


Image upscaling is crucial for providing high-quality visuals across various screens. While Photoshop offers extensive control and features, AI-powered tools like image upscaler provide a quick, easy, and free solution for upscaling.

As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect even more benefits and conveniences in the future of image processing.